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The Susquehanna Express

May 19, 2018


Trip Information

Join us for an exciting day-long train excursion out of Washington, DC on May 19, 2018. Unfortunately, our originally planned route was rejected. We apologize for prematurely announcing our desired routing, which we did because we received no indication that the original routing was a problem. But rest assured, we are busy negotiating with Amtrak and host railroads to secure an exciting and scenic alternative.


Our top choice for alterernative routes sould encompass the most scenic part of the originally-planned itinerary: the 60 miles of the former Pennsylvania Railroad hugging the Susquehanna River between Harrisburg, PA and Perryville, MD known as the Port Road Branch. This routing would make ours the first passenger train to cover this route in the springtime in recent memory. Our train would cover this section in daylight in both directions and would make a loop around Harrisburg, passing through Norfolk Southern’s busy Enola Yard and across the spectacular Rockville Bridge.


We will pursue allowing a three hour lunch stop at the Harrisburg Amtrak station, a historic Pennsy depot with a grand train shed, under which stands a preserved GG1 electric locomotive in original Pennsy colors. There is also the switch tower museum owned and operated by the Harrisburg Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, which is a seven-minute walk from the station. We may be able to include some other rare mileage in this itinerary as well.


Our second choice is a beautiful all-daylight ride on the former Baltimore & Ohio between Washington and Cumberland, MD. Enjoy historic Harper’s Ferry and Martinsburg and views of the mighty Potomac River for 76 miles in full springtime splendor. Our itinerary will leave you three to four hours for exploring Cumberland. Should this routing be approved, we will also reach out to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad about using some of their trackage, or perhaps offering a special excursion on their line in conjunction with ours.

We encourage you to pre-book a seat for what is sure to be an unforgettable journey, regardless of the final routing.


The more passengers pre-book, the better the odds of being able to operate this excursion, as a healthy show of interest from customers motivates the host railroads to make it happen, and we will be more confident that the excursion will be financially viable.

If you pre-book today, we will email you the final route and schedule details as soon as these are established, along with a booking and payment form. Should you wish to cancel your pre-booking before you receive the final information, or within 15 business days of receiving it, you may do so with no penalty.


In short, you will have first right of refusal. If you don't like the updated itinerary, decline it and we will delete your booking from the system, without charge. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to delivering you a memorable day on the rails!


Trip Possibilities

Day trip from Washington DC

to Cumberland, WV


Our second choice

Day trip from Washington DC to

Harrisburg via the scenic Port Road line


Our first choice



Depart Washington Union Station

8 am


Arrive Cumberland, WV

11:30 am


Depart Cumberland, WV

2:30 pm


Arrive Washington Union Station

6 pm


Depart Washington Union Station

8 am


Arrive Harrisburg, PA

11:30 am


Depart Harrisberg, PA

2::30 pm


Arrive Washington Untion Station

6 pm



Coach Class $180
First Class $298
Taxes & fees are extra,and will be added at time of booking



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