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The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

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Hungarian main-line railways are operated by MÁV. There are three main railway termini in Budapest, Keleti (eastern), Nyugati (western), and Déli (southern), operating both domestic and international rail services. Budapest was one of the main stops of the Orient Express until 2001, when the service was cut back to Paris-Vienna.

Featuring overnight journey to London and Paris
Istanbul, the gateway between East and West, sits on both the Asian and European continents. This unique location is evident in the atmosphere of this beautiful city. The Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires have all claimed Istanbul, leaving a city of multiple religions and cultures, which to this day exist side by side harmoniously.

The Roman viaducts, built to carry water from the city's outskirts to the palace, remain intact, jostling for space alongside glittering Mosques and the Grand Bazaar complex, almost a city in its own right. Turning 360 degrees at any one point in this city will uncover treasures which traverse centuries, continents & empires, like no where else on earth.
This bustling, cosmopolitan city is full of historic treasures, rich heritage and culture and the home to royal palaces, world-renowned museums and galleries and many historical landmarks.

The sense of history they evoke combined with the city's exciting pulse make this one of the world's greatest destinations.

Fine dining, erudite museums and libraries, graceful theatres and bustling street markets are all crammed into this city of backstreets and pathways which wind their way through elegant streets and along the banks of the Thames with its characteristic bridges.
Paris, the city for lovers. Undoubtedly true, but it is also a city for gourmets, art connoisseurs, budding architects and shoppers!

This elegant city offers opportunities for so many memories. From an indulgent coffee in the Place de l’Opéra, an evening of romantic dancing or the steamy atmosphere inside le Moulin Rouge, a promenade through Les Tuileries, a few hours of erudition at Le Louvre and its hotly debated pyramid, or the Pompidou Centre - a piece of art in itself - and the many street artists outside. The wide tree-lined boulevards are perfect for strolling before dinner, which in itself will be an experience to treasure.
The city of one hundred towers has its roots in medieval times and underwent renovation and expansion during the art nouveau era giving Prague a rich cultural and artisitic heritage with a truly eclectic feel. The city itself is tucked like a jewel into the centre of seven hills, whose well-tended parkland rolls gently into the distance.

Serene and romantic and yet lively and modern, Prague is a city of contrasts. Its medieval and Baroque pasts are evident and communism undoubtedly left its mark, but Prague has pulled itself into the twenty-first century and wears it very well.

The River Vltava, the Czech Republic's main river, runs throughout Prague, crossed by fifteen bridges.
Marco Polo and Giacomo Casanova, two legendary Venetians, reflect the enduring passions of this historic city.

A love of water, travel, exploration and a thirst for new experiences is the gift of Marco Polo while Casanova instilled in the city a passion for all that is romantic and delights the senses. He made his mark in the form of the dancing of the Venice Carnival, the love of food and wine and of course the art of seduction; practised not just by the inhabitants of this most romantic of destinations, but by the city itself.

The calm tidal waterways weave their way through the multitude of islands which make up the city of Venice.
A true city of culture, Vienna is the music capital of the world. A guided walk follows a route that is star-studded in the true sense of the word for many stars have been inset into the pavement to mark the achievements of such luminaries of the music world as Mozart, Beethoven and many other composers, musicians and singers who have in the past been closely associated with the city.

The Museumsquartier, with its baroque facade, is home to a major cultural district containing 3 opera houses, 50 theatres and 100 museums.

After absorbing the culture that permeates the air in Vienna, why not stroll through the flea markets and the boutiques of the main shopping streets before pausing for a well-desrved break in one of Vienna's renowned, elegant coffee shops.

Imperial Vienna is home to The Belvedere, St Stephen's Cathedral - a truly Gothic splendour, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Schönbrunn Palace - a masterpiece of classic Baroque design.
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The Orient-Express

The carriages which today form the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express each have a history of their own, with long years of service criss-crossing the frontiers of Europe, operating for a variety of railway companies.


The carriages have taken on characters of their own as intriguing as the characters of those who traveled within their cozy confines.

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