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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

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Western Maryland Station at Canal Place
Now home to the C&O Canal Museum and nearby Shops At Canal Place, the Western Maryland Station dates back to the 1920’s.
Downtown Cumberland
Our elegant downtown area flourishes with restaurants, antiques, shops, live theater, art studios and corporate offices.
The Narrows
This cut in the Allegheny Front was America’s first Gateway To The West, used by the National Road, the B&O, C&P and Western Maryland railways.
Bridge in the Narrows
Leaving the Narrows, our train crosses the National Road before heading north past Wills Mountain toward Mount Savage.
Helmstetter's Curve
A favorite photo spot for train buffs, Helmstetter’s Curve is a 1/2 mile arc that sweeps across Cash Valley, looking very much as it did in the hey-day of steam railroading.
Brush Tunnel
If it looks familiar, you may remember this tunnel from the Pontiac Montana commercial shot here a few years ago! Riders especially enjoy entering and exiting this curving portal.
Woodcock Hollow
A hairpin turn and an increase in grade are sure signs that we’ve arrived a Woodcock Hollow, rarely seen until the WMSR opened in 1989.
The Frostburg Depot
The C&P Railroad Depot was built in 1891 and is the only survivor among 12 built along the line, which primary carried coal from Georges Creek to points east.
The Turn Tables at the Frostburg Depot
One of the most entertaining parts of the trip, the turntable can be viewed from any of the numerous decks leading up to Frostburg’s Main Street.

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

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