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Copper Canyon Rail Journeys: View from the Posada Mirador in Divisadero
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Copper Canyon Rail Tours & Trips

Copper Canyon Rail Journeys

ChePe: The Copper Canyon Train
Affordable and flexible, the ChePe tours provide you with the best value available while allowing you incredible flexibility when it comes to trip planning. The First Class ChePe train departs daily from vibrant Chihuahua and peaceful Los Mochis. We can also arrange affordable first class motorcoach transfers between El Paso and Chihuahua.

Let us be your guide as you fall in love with Copper Canyon, Mexico, the Tarahumara Indians, and the world's most exciting train and rail vacation through the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Within Copper Canyon and the state of Chihuahua you can find traditional Tarahumara festivals, the largest crystals on earth, Paquime and Mata Ortiz pottery, and the legendary Tarahumara Indian runners, as well as the world famous "rails to adventure" on the incredible train through the canyon.

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Come join us on one of our unforgettable trips to the Copper Canyon region of Northern Mexico. Trips can be customized to fit any budget or schedule.


With key dates this Holiday season already booking up, we recommend making your reservations soon by booking online. Or emailing us if you have any questions.


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