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Rich Davis, Head Chef

Rated as one of the best dinner trains by both the Food Network and USA today it is easy to see why so many come back for the experience time and time again. Cooking a delicious meal is a feat of it's own but preparing a delicious meal on a moving train is a spectacular challenge and one that our award winning chef, Rich Davis, succeeds at marvelously.


With a modest beginning in local restaurants since he was 16, Rich went on to receive his culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America. With degree in hand, he travelled to Las Vegas working for many of the top name Hotels and Resorts there where he learned most of what he does best today.


Having been around the nation as a sous chef or executive chef, Rich Davis has experience that most culinary students only dream of including serving popular entertainers such as Jerry Lewis and Wayne Newton.


With many of Rich's own awards along with the beautiful scenery of the world renowned Cape Cod the Elegant Dinner Train and it's accompanying five course meal is an all around experience that you are sure to enjoy.

Please contact us at: Info@railsnw.com
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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

In one of the most beautiful landscapes of the United States, you are sure to be amazed by the natural beauty of Cape Cod.


Take either a narrated scenic train ride or one of our many meal trains. With our peak season fast approaching, BOOK NOW,as trains often book up early.

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