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The Royal Canadian Pacific

Experience the Canadian Rockies in luxury and class
Royal Canadian Pacific
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Guests and crew
The Mount Stephen car will have a notice board displaying lists of the guests and crew on each tour, alongside the day's itinerary, menus and meal times.

Cars and locomotive
The Royal Canadian Pacific has seven cars which are coupled in the following order from the rear of the train:
* Observation Day Car:
- Mount Stephen with dining room. Capacity - 12 persons.
* Business Car:
- Royal Wentworth with two twin rooms, and dining room. Capacity - 10 persons.
* Business Car:
- Van Horne with one double and one twin room.
* State Sleeper Car:
- N.R.Crump with four twin and two single rooms
* Business Car:
- Strathcona with two double and one single room
* Business Car:
- Killarney with four rooms for the RCP Service Team
* Generator/Baggage Car
* Trailing Locomotive 1900 (built in the 1950s)
* Leading Locomotive 1400 (built in 1953)

The above sequence is designed to keep the day cars, particularly the open vestibule of the Mount Stephen observation car, and the two open vestibules from the Royal Wentworth and Van Horne furthest from the locomotive so guests can enjoy the passing countryside or take great opportunities for pictures from all vantage points.

Meals are served in both dining rooms of the Mount Stephen and the Royal Wentworth. For your general use there is a lounge area on the Mount Stephen, Royal Wentworth, Strathcona and Van Horne to relax and enjoy conversation with fellow travelers or just sit back and enjoy reading a book.
No seats are allocated for dining. We suggest you sample different tables during the tour, so that you can enjoy each business car and your fellow guests.

Meal times vary somewhat, to fit in with tour visits. The crew will tell you when meals are about to start. In general, breakfast is served from 07:00, luncheon between 11:20 and 13:00, and dinner between 19:00 and 20:00. Menus and starting times for meals are posted on the Mount Stephen car. Full service for breakfast is available every day in the dining cars. Alternatively, we can serve continental breakfast in your room if you advise the Service Team the previous evening.
Tea, coffee and other beverages can be served in all the lounge areas or rooms.

Special diets
Special diets can be accommodated by our chefs - just advise us in advance on the Booking Information form.
You are encouraged to advise of any allergies or dietary restrictions at the time of booking or on the morning of the tour departure on the registration form.

Clothing and accessories
A journey on board The Royal Canadian Pacific is a touring trip. For daytime excursions and relaxing on board the train, we recommend comfortable clothing. Low-heeled, soft-soled shoes are especially important for your walking comfort during off-site visits. Footwear is required on the train.
We also suggest that you wear a reliable watch so that you do not miss any rail or motorcoach departures.

Dining attire
The dress code for breakfast and luncheons is business casual. The dress code for evening dining is semi-formal. The guideline for business casual includes dress pants, no ties, vests, shirts, sweaters, cotton pants and casual jackets. It does not include t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, casual shorts or tank tops. The guideline for semi-formal means jacket and tie or mock sweater is the norm for gentlemen, except during unusually hot weather. For ladies an evening dress or pant suit is recommended.

We regret that laundry facilities are not available on board the Royal Canadian Pacific due to space limitations. It is advisable to bring a sufficient amount of clean clothing for your journey. An iron and ironing board are available should you wish to press your wardrobe. Please ask the Service Team.

We ask you to be very careful not to put anything down the toilet which might cause a blockage. Please use the bins for sanitary towels, tissues, etc. The toilets can be used any time, when the train is moving or stationary.

Please ensure that shower doors are kept closed while showers are operating. Also ensure that taps are turned off, to conserve water for all guests. Showers can be used at any time, when the train is moving or stationary.

There are electrical outlets in all rooms. Electricity in Canada runs 110/220 volts. If you bring electrical appliances, use an international converter kit, complete with adapter plugs.

Hairdryers and bathrobes
Hairdryers are provided in your room, and bathrobes are available upon request.

Due to the vintage nature of the Royal Canadian Pacific cars, we regret that standard wheelchairs will not be able to travel down the hallways. We have a modified version that can be used.

Smoking is not permitted inside the coaches since this will set off the sensitive fire alarms which ensure your safety. Smoking is not allowed in any other part of the train except on the exterior open platform on each Business Car.
Please contact us at: Info@railsnw.com
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Royal Canadian Pacific
The Royal Canadian Pacific's luxury train excursions are the most lavish and exclusive rail trips in North America. Limited to only 32 guests, these trips book up early. Secure your reservation today by calling 1-800-717-0108.
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